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Who on YOUR Sales team will make the effort to improve?

We can tell you who, and save you time, money and frustration.

Schedule Your No Obligation Evaluation

How It Works For You

With this evaluation you can make intelligent decisions on how to increase sales and profit through investing in the right ones and working to replace those who will never improve.

Meet with Decision Maker(s)

A discovery meeting will be conducted with the decision maker(s) to determine your specific goals and expectations are for your sales team.


We Will Interview Your Staff

Our founder will personally conduct in depth interviews of the sales evaluatees (limited to five). In preparation, the evaluatees will complete an online sales survey. We will then come to your location or conduct zoom interviews depending on the logistics.

You receive a Behavioral Assessment

You will receive a 23-page behavioral styles assessment report for each sales individual.

An Executive Summary will be presented in the  follow up meeting.

Follow Up Meeting

Meet with all key decision makers to discuss the results of the interviews and evaluations with relevant findings, strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.

Stop wasting time and resources

3 Ways – No Obligation

How To get Started

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About Our Founder – Sam Lucci

Sam personally conducts all in depth evaluations.

    1. Over 40 years developing and training his selling system.
    2. His company has experienced a 24% growth rate in the last year.
    3. Author, Trainer and 7-time serial entrepreneur

Sam knows what it is like to invest time and resources in salespeople that will never change.  Living with this problem is what inspired him to develop the
Gain the Platinum Edge Advantage™ solution.

Happy Clients

These clients have gained the Platinum Edge Advantage


Who on your sales staff will make the effort to improve?

“Platinum Edge Selling System is for real. I have a college degree, have lived a regular middle-class life, and found myself stuck in a job that I didn’t like.
My father’s friend introduced me to Cabinet World and Bath Fitter who use the Platinum Edge Selling System program. I took a sales position there and immediately went into training.
I’m just starting to sell and already my closing ratio is more than twice the industry average. I never realized how much fear and doubt was holding me back. I learned the difference between facts and opinions and how our early childhood years shapes our future and holds us hostage. The B-Code™ and
Breakout™ is freeing me to use the intelligence and power that I already have but couldn’t use. In six weeks, I’m getting married and see nothing but blue sky for our future.”

John Provident

Sales Professional, FJW Investments

“Platinum Edge Selling System with the B-Code™ and Breakout™, has literally changed my life. I have been in sales since I left college and floundered at each position except for selling mortgages during a time when all it took was
a live body.

I have learned what was driving my behavior and how to change that. I have eliminated much of my fears, doubts, and most of all, what was making me feel inadequate. I now know that I have the personal power to create the life that I want.
Consequently, my income is continually rising. My home life is also getting better especially with my three children. By using my ability to influence them the same way as anyone else, I found out why I was nagging them and how to stop it. If you’re in sales, you need the Platinum Edge Selling System because it shows you how to think and win instead of reacting and losing.”

Drew Dickman

Sales Professional, FJW Investments

“I do not normally write testimonials, because, frankly, most businesses aren’t special.  But Platinum Edge is different.  It has really figured something out about human attitudes and behaviors that are very subtle yet very powerful.   I can’t explain how it happens, but I see business challenges differently – more clearly.  I feel stronger facing tough issues and more confident taking risks.   I also see people through a new lens.  I recognize attitudes and behaviors in people that have enabled me to be more effective with them in every context, for example, selling to prospects, motivating my employees, and inspiring my children.  I see Platinum Edge as one of those all too rare opportunities to learn something that can REALLY change the way you think.  It has done a great deal for me and my business.   I know that you will be pleasantly surprised at what it can do for you, too.”

Steve Swanson

President, Swanson Consulting

“I highly recommend the program for someone who’s on the fence that’s not sure that this is another gimmick, because it’s not.   I’ve been with this program for ten years personally.   A lot of my employees have been there eight, six, four…as they move into different positions.    And each employee that has gone through the program has succeeded, not just in business, but also at home with their wife, their children, their communication skills they have. “

Ed Giel

President, Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors

“I consider myself living proof that the B-Code™ is transformational.  When I first met Sam I was in an unfulfilling position and struggling financially, physically and without knowing it at the time, spiritually.  Sam stated that I should be making 6 figures, and while that was flattering, it didn’t strike me on the surface…Until I took my new position where I’m making those 6 figures.  I don’t say that to brag, I say it to demonstrate how fighting my ego has helped to generate positive results.”

Dave Busch

VP Operations, Precision Terminal Logistics

“So it has been around ten years since my first affiliation with Platinum Edge, there is a tremendous amount of learning that took place when I first came to Platinum Edge.  The sales training process that I learned was so much more than whatever I had been taught before.  But when you break it down into simple steps, it became second nature.   So the sales process here is something that is unmatched. “

Jim Zacherl

Territorial Sales Executive, CDK Global

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